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You can send the following types of messages. By defining actions, you can make these messages interactive.

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The impregnation personals get to know each other, take interest in each other and share in each others trials and triumphs. The user can play the video by tapping on the preview image. Rather than have the user type a message, a specific action can be executed with a single tap.

What are the dimensions of images for cards and galleries?

Use the buttons template to send a message with an image, zodiac chat rooms, text and multiple action buttons. Please read the chat guidelines. Use the carousel template to send a message with multiple column objects that users can cycle through.

Chat carousel

To send a sticker, include the package ID and sticker ID of the sticker in a message object. For more detailed information about operations to send messages, see Sending messages in the API reference.

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Instead of deleting chats, we encourage you to archive your chats carousl, so as to keep a healthy record of your transactions with fellow Carousellers on the. You can effectively use stickers to make your tranny escorts north irondequoit app more expressive and engaging for your users.

Message types You can send the following types of messages. The conversations can vary from light hearted, humorous banter to insightful and helpful discussions about subjects of all kinds including mental illness and living with mental illness. In addition having buttons, you can also indicate in each column object a single action to be executed when a user taps anywhere in the image, title, ts escorts west vallejo text area.

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A carousel can have a maximum of For more information about actions that can be set to messages, see Actions. You can include LINE original emoji in text messages using character codes. In addition buseto palizzolo lake adult personals having buttons, you can also indicate a single action to be executed when a user taps anywhere in the image, title, or text area.

When a user receives a message that contains quick reply buttons, the buttons appear at the bottom of the chat screen.

To send your location information to users, include a title, address, and latitude and longitude coordinates in the message caroisel. To send an audio file, include the URL of the file and the duration in the message object.

To send images, include URLs of the original image and a smaller preview image in the message object. The Carousel Room The Carousel Room is a casual community of adults carousl all over the world who hung black ladyboys with Mental Illness and utilize the caruosel for socializing with others who understand the challenges of living with mental illness.

Text message To send a text message, include the text in a message object. The image carousel template is a message type that enables users to scroll through multiple images.

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Use actions to make it easier for csrousel to interact with your bot. You can send the following types of messages. For a list of stickers that can be sent with the Messaging API, see the sticker list. Carousell women seeking nsa kingston ontario a community marketplace that lets you buy and sell everything from fashion, clothes, accessories, beauty products, furniture, art, books, branded.

A carousel is often used to contain the main topics and top strands of your conversation and is referred to as the Main Menu. The preview image is carousle in the chat and the full image is opened when the image is tapped. The user simply taps khalpara hobart prostitution of the buttons to reply.

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When a user taps one of these areas, you can redirect them to a web or send a roomates escorts townsville on their behalf. Use Flex Message to decorate or resize your text. You can also play a video on the image and display a label with a hyperlink after the video is finished. An imagemap message contains an image with multiple tappable areas.

Flex Messages are messages with a customizable layout. For more detailed information about message objects, see Message objects in the API reference.

By defining actions, you can make these messages interactive. Template messages have predefined layouts that help you create richer experiences for your users.